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38. Postás Cup 2016 Invitation

international orienteering event
9th-10th April, 2016.  Szárliget

Event format

2-day, individual competition, 1st day middle distance, 2nd day long distance with combined result. Hungarian national ranking events. On the afternoon of day 1. there will be a separate relay race. 


zuppaminta2.JPGThe event takes place on and around Zuppa Topwhich is situated at 385m height on the Southern side of the Gerecse Mountain in the Transdanubian Range. The geology near the surdace show remains of an ancient sea, mostly limestone and dolomite. This creates the conditions underfoot and the relief. IN places steep, rocky sides and flat tops, elsewhere small ridges and valleys follow each other, creating variety and a highly technical terrain. Vegetation cover includes oak and planted conifer forest, mixed with karst bush, open and semi open areas. Runnability of the clear felled areas, created by forestry operations, is variable.

zuppaminta1.JPGZuppa Top was the scene of many events even prior to the use of coloured orienteering maps. Later the map has been updated and used many times, the last time in 1996. The Postás Cup used this area twice (1983, 1987), of which the year 1983 marked the advent of the first, unofficial World Cup.

Map: in 1:10 000 and 1:15 000 scale, surveyed in 2016.


Postás SE Orienteering Section, 1149 Budapest, Róna str. 86-100.
TÁJREND SE, 1172 Budapest, III. str. 21.

The event will use the SPORTident electronic punching system.


April 9th, Saturday:
11 am: middle distance ranking event
16 pm: relay event (3 legs)

April 10th, Sunday:
10 am: classic distance ranking event

Individual competition
F/M 21 E, A, B, BR (short), C
F/M 20 E
F/M 18 E
F/M 16 E
F/M 14 E, C
F/M 15-18 C
F/M 12 C
F/M 10 C
F/M 10 D (taped route)
F/M 35 A, BR (short)
F/M 40 A
F/M 45 A
F/M 50 A
F/M 55 A
F/M 60 A
F/M 65 A
F/M 70 A
F/M 75 A
F/M 80 A
N/W 21 E, B,BR (short), C
N/W 20 E
N/W 18 E
N/W 16 E
N/W 14 E, C
F/M 15-18 C
N/W 12 C
N/W 10 C
N/W 10 D (taped route)
N/W 35 A, BR (short)
N/W 40 A
N/W 45 A
N/W 50 A
N/W 55 A
N/W 60 A
N/W 65 A
N/W 70 A
Open categories:
Open beginner 
Open technical
Open on taped route
10 DK (taped route with accompanying adult)
Categories for the Relay (3 legs)
F/M 14B  N/W 14B
F/M 18B  N/W 18B
F/M 21A N/W 21A
F/M 135
MIX short
MIX long

In case of less than 5 entrants, categories will be combined with others.


Regular entry deadline: 20th March 2016.

On-line: by using the system on the Hungarian O-Federation’s website at http://entry.mtfsz.hu/
By e-mail: riczel.jozsa@gmail.com
By post: Zsuzsanna Riczel , 2145 Hungary, Kerepes, Kikelet sor 14.
Tel: +36-30-411-8537, +36-20-949-4378

Those entering by e-mail, please provide the following information: the competitor’s name, date of birth, SI number (or intention to rent one) and the class entered. All entries by e-mail will be acknowledged within 48 hours. Should this acknowledgement not arrive, please repeat entry!

It is possible to enter for just one day, but all results and prizes will be based on combined results.


Entry fees until 20th March:
FN10-18 2200 HUF/pers/2 days
FN20-60 4400 HUF/pers/2 days
FN65+ 2200 HUF/pers/2 days
Relay 3000 HUF/relay team

Entry fees from 21st March to 7th April:
FN10-18 2700 HUF/pers/2 days
FN20-60 4900 HUF/pers/2 days
FN65+ 2700 HUF/pers/2 days
Relay 3200HUF/relay team

Entry on the day (after 7th April):
FN10-18 3200 HUF/pers/2 days
FN20-60 5400 HUF/pers/2 days
FN65+ 3200 HUF/pers/2 days
Nyílt 1200 HUF/pers/1 day
Relay 3700 HUF/relay team

Changes (in all categories) made after the closing date: 500.- Ft, at registration: 1.000.-Ft
All fees are payable at registration.
For those hiring an e-card, rental fees are 300Ft/person/day, which is also payable at registration.


Youth Hostel: Sándor Jávorka Kollégium, Tata, rooms for 4-6 people, HUF 3000/pers/night. 
Hard floor accommodation in Szár, HUF 800/pers/night.


The rail station of Szárliget is only 1,5km away from the event center. 


The 1st – 3rd placed competitors in the combined results of the individual competition will receive medals and prizes.

At the Relay competition the 1st - 3rd placed relay teams in every class will receive medals.

Base times Day 1: 11 am
Day 1 Relay: 4 pm
Day 2: 10 am

Embargoed area: any kind of orienteering activity is forbidden in the area between Szárliget and Nagyegyháza, see the old map here: Zuppa 2007

Commercial activity can only take place with the organisers’ express permission.
Participants agree that they may be fotographed during the event.
Every perticipant takes part at their own risk.

Welcome to Postás Cup!