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2021.április 17 - 18.


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2016.12.17. 11:57 Postás Kupa

39. postás Cup 2017 Invitation

39th POSTÁS CUP 2017
international orienteering event
8th-9th April, 2017. Pilisvörösvár

Event format

2-day, individual competition, 1st day middle distance, 2nd day long distance with combined result. Hungarian national ranking events. On the afternoon of day 1. there will be a separate relay race. 


April 8th, Saturday:
11 am: middle distance ranking event
16 pm: relay event (2*2 legs)

April 9th, Sunday:
10 am: classic distance ranking event

Event center

Just north of Pilisvörösvár at the corner of Dugonics and Nyár streets.
GPS: N 47.635478   E 18.891021

Parking will be nearby, parking fee 200 HUF/day

The event cenrer is accessable by regional bus service 830 from Árpád hid metro station.



Postás SE Orienteering Section, 1149 Budapest, Róna str. 86-100.
TÁJREND SE, 1172 Budapest, III. str. 21.

Chairman: György Horváth
Secretary: Gábor Józsa
Course setter: János Sőtér
Event controller: Tibor Erdélyi

The event will use the SPORTident electronic punching system.


Hilly terrain located about 250 meters to 400 meters above see level. Rich contour details under a mixed vegetation coverage that has a varying run-ability ranging from poor to good. Poor network of paths and forest tracks. See map samples and pictures from the terrain

Map: 1:10,000 and 1:15,000 scale, surveyed in 2014, updated in 2017.

Individual competition
F/M 21 E, A, B, BR (short), C
F/M 20 E
F/M 18 E
F/M 16 E
F/M 14 E, C
F/M 15-18 C
F/M 12 C
F/M 10 D (taped route)
F/M 35 A, BR (short)
F/M 40 A
F/M 45 A
F/M 50 A
F/M 55 A
F/M 60 A
F/M 65 A
F/M 70 A
F/M 75 A
F/M 80 A
N/W 21 E, B,BR (short), C
N/W 20 E
N/W 18 E
N/W 16 E
N/W 14 E, C
F/M 15-18 C
N/W 12 C
N/W 10 D (taped route)
N/W 35 A, BR (short)
N/W 40 A
N/W 45 A
N/W 50 A
N/W 55 A
N/W 60 A
N/W 65 A
N/W 70 A
N/W 75 A
Open categories
Open beginner 
Open technical
Open on taped route
10 DK (taped route with accompanying adult)
Categories for the Relay (2*2 legs)
M/W 30 Under a total of 30 years of age
M/W 40 Under a total of 40 years of age
M/W 21 Main classes without age limitations
M/W 70 Over a total of 70 years of age
M/W 110 Over a total of 110 years of age
MIX No limitations

In case of less than 5 entrants, categories will be combined with others.


The format of the relay race will be a two men relay where both runners have to run twice. There will be two courses that both team member has to complete but the running order of the courses can be different.

Approximate course lenghts for cat. M/W40, M/W21, M70: 2.5km, and 1.5km for cat. M/W30, W70, M/W110, MIX 


Regular entry deadline: 20th March 2016.

On-line: by using the system on the Hungarian O-Federation’s website at http://entry.mtfsz.hu/
By e-mail: postas.entry@gmail.com

Those entering by e-mail, please provide the following information: the competitor’s name, date of birth, SI number (or intention to rent one) and the class entered. All entries by e-mail will be acknowledged within 48 hours. Should this acknowledgement not arrive, please repeat entry!

It is possible to enter for just one day, but all results and prizes will be based on combined results.

Entry fees

Entry fees until 20th March:
FN10-18 2300 HUF/pers/2 days
FN20-60 4600 HUF/pers/2 days
FN65+ 2300 HUF/pers/2 days
Relay 2400 HUF/relay team

Entry fees from 21st March to 6th April:
FN10-18 2800 HUF/pers/2 days
FN20-60 5100 HUF/pers/2 days
FN65+ 2800 HUF/pers/2 days
Reay 2600 HUF/relay team

Entry on the day (after 6th April):
FN10-18 3300 HUF/pers/2 days
FN20-60 5600 HUF/pers/2 days
FN65+ 3300 HUF/pers/2 days
Open 1200 HUF/pers/day
Reay 2800 HUF/relay team

Changes (in all categories) made after the closing date: 500.- Ft, at registration: 1.000.-Ft
All fees are payable at registration.
For those hiring an e-card, rental fees are 300Ft/person/day, which is also payable at registration.


Various private accommodations available. Organizers will provide hard floor and youth hostel type accommodation. 

Student Hostel in Budapest: 2,600 HUF/pers/night
Hard floor in Pomáz: 800 HUF/pers/night


The 1st – 3rd placed competitors in the combined results of the individual competition will receive medals and prizes.

At the Relay competition the 1st - 3rd placed relay teams in every class will receive medals.

Base times Day 1: 11 am
Day 1 Relay: 4 pm
Day 2: 10 am

Embargoed area: any kind of orienteering activity is forbidden in the area between Pilisvörösvár and Piliscsaba covered by the previous map Zajnáth-hegyek.

Commercial activity can only take place with the organizers’ express permission.
Participants agree that they may be photographed during the event.
Every participant takes part at their own risk.

Welcome to Postás Cup!


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